EU Nationals in the UK & UK Nationals in the EU

Thank you for contacting me about the status of EU Nationals in the UK.
I am very glad that a fair and serious offer which maintains EU citizens' rights here in the UK has been made by the Prime Minister and will be enshrined in UK law. It is important now that these proposals be part of a reciprocal agreement for EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in Europe, which should be agreed as soon as possible to give certainty to the three million EU citizens in the UK and the more than one million UK citizens in the EU.

EU citizens are an integral part of the economic, cultural and social fabric of our country and I have always been clear that their rights should be protected. The policy paper released by the Government makes clear how EU citizens looking to remain in the UK can do so, and confirms the creation of a new 'settled status' for EU citizens who arrive before a cut-off date, which is yet to be specified and will be agreed as part of the negotiations with the EU. This cut-off date will not be before the date of triggering Article 50.

Applicants who already have five years' continuous residence in the UK will be immediately eligible for settled status. Those who arrived before the specified date but do not yet meet the five-year threshold by exit day will be allowed to stay until they reach that milestone and can also secure settled status. Those EU citizens who are granted settled status will be treated like a comparable UK national, entitled to broadly the same rights and benefits. There will also be a grace period, expected to be around two years for all EU citizens, including those who arrive after the cut-off date, allowing them to regularise their status to remain in the country.

EU citizens looking to remain in the UK will be asked to apply for documentation under a new simplified and more accessible scheme. There will also be protection for the existing healthcare arrangements for both EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU. This includes seeking continued participation in the European Health Insurance Card scheme for all UK nationals and EU citizens, including for temporary visits. The Government initially sought an agreement on this issue before Article 50 was triggered, but some member states insisted on not discussing these issues until after this had taken place. It remains the Government's priority to reach an early agreement to provide certainty and stability.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.